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When all hell breaks loose in the underground science lab containing the revitalized zombies, B is miraculously able to escape. After witnessing the flame throwers, chainsaws, and other instruments of violence used against the revived zombies and any humans unlucky enough to get in the way, B is determined to find somewhere to hole up by herself.


Dressed in multiple layers, wearing sunglasses and an Australian-style Outback hat, she is able to withstand the sunlight enough to head toward home. B isn't sure why that's important since she knows her parents have probably become victims and are either dead or zombies, but she needs to see for herself. When she finds her home, everything is just like she expected. Hopefully, her mother was able to make it out of the city to safety, but she accepts the fact that she will never know.


As B continues to wander, she begins to formulate a plan. Maybe she can locate some soldiers and offer herself to them in hopes that they could use her revitalized blood to concoct some sort of serum that would save some of the zombies. She knows from what the scientists revealed that her life is limited to maybe a year and a half tops, but at least she can still think and expressive herself. The zombies she sees as she travels are just too pathetic for words.


Darren Shan continues the ZOM-B series with this third installment. As he describes the wanderings of B, he includes more fascinating characters including a surviving artist struggling to remain human as he captures the death and destruction in his paintings and also an odd group claiming to be the final survivors with some sort of alien connection. The terrifying Mr. Dowling and several others from the underground make a reappearance that reinforces just how sick the world has become. Fans of this new series will not be disappointed as the action and adventure continues.

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