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Darren Shan is the master of the YA horror series. Students in my high school and middle school classroom are great fans. CIRQUE DU FREAK got them hooked and now they read anything he creates.

The ZOM-B series features an English girl who goes by B. When England was overrun by zombies, she was one of a few lucky "survivors" who once bitten, was eventually revitalized to become a high-functioning type of zombie able to think and communicate. Unlike the regular zombies, B is able to reason through situations and in ZOM-B: BABY which is book #5 in the series, she is attempting to decide which of the current controlling groups she should join for the best chance of survival.

B has experienced unbelievable horrors in her short time as a zombie. Although, she has joined her fellow revitalized to fight against the other zombies, she has decided maybe operating on her own is the best choice. She may be lonely, but dealing with the crazy clown Mr. Dowling was more than she could take, and her recent experience with Dr. Oystein and the Angels doesn't quite fit in with her lost faith in the power of God. A solitary existence seems like the answer.

Loneliness drives B in search of Timothy Jackson, one of the rare remaining humans. His goal in life is to record the devastation of England through his art. B is thrilled to discover him still alive and painting, but he has a surprise for her that could result in their destruction.

Fans of Darren Shan and his new ZOM-B series will be excited to learn of this new character and the plot twist that will carry the story into another book titled ZOM-B: GLADIATOR and yet another due out this summer. Let the series continue!!!

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