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Okay, so a couple of nights ago I finished "Palace of the Damned" by the one and only master of horror, DARREN SHAN!!! The very first page grabs you by the neck and doesn't let you go. It is that good. The book pics up after the events of "Ocean of Blood" when Larten travels to Iceland to finally part with life. BUT! He makes a shocking discovery AND runs into a HIGHLY unexpected character, and after that the book is just a roller coaster of blood, romance, and action. Also, you will be extremely shocked once you find out who the baby that Larten rescued in "Ocean of Blood" turns out to be later on in the story. The book also features romance! Yes, romance! But not to worry because this book is as blood soaked as all of Darren's previous books. It includes old enemies, new problems, and twists, which are all divided in the four parts of the book. You will also see how after falling in love Larten found himself in a state of depression, but part of that depression goes away once he returns to "Vampire Mountain" for in the mountain many surprises await him (Good ones don't worry!) So far, this is the best book in the series, we have seen how Larten's character has evolved and matured throughout the story AND how magnificent his story has been. Although I feel sad about the fact that there's one more book left I proudly declare that Darren Shan has NEVER EVER EVER failed to impress me over and over again with his SUPERB, GORY, ADVENTUROUS books. So! If you still haven't read it, what are you waiting for? GO GET A COPY NOW BECAUSE YOU DO NOT (I repeat) NOT want to miss this installment in this amazing series.

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