San Francisco Book Review | 28 May 2014 | Janessa

The cover alone on this book makes this book ultra-appealing. Zom-B Gladiator is book six in this series, and while I have only read this one and number four, they are great standalone books, though I do recommend reading the entire series if you have the chance so you better understand exactly who B is. Back for another round, this is definitely one action-packed story where B has been sent out on scouting missions, but is lured in with a trap and is captured. She is forced to fight other zombies gladiator- style for the amusement of a crowd, and if that isn’t just sick and twisted to think about, there is more. Meet Dan Dan. He gets his thrills from torturing and then murdering children and the crowd he surrounds himself with aren’t any more mentally stable than him. However, he doesn’t find his demise in this book; not yet.


“You came for answers and I’ve given them to you. Now leave me alone. It’s all I ask of you. It’s all I ask of anyone.”


I loved this book and wish I had the entire series now. B is such a strong and focused character that it is difficult to find any flaws with her. I appreciate that author Darren Shan knows how to take an in-depth story and keep it so simple, making this a breeze of a read. If you are into zombies, you will want to pick up this book. It’s worth every star!


5 stars

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