Serious Insanity | 13 February 2013 |

The first page of the book is a letter from the author asking readers to try to not spoil the ending of the book for it contains two twists that makes it extremely difficult to not talk about when trying to explain how awesome the book is.


Darren Shan was absolutely correct.


Before, when I was just reading the book, I was already enjoying it, musing over the psychological aspects of living with a racist, abusive dad and how it affects you. Then, when I got near the end, when the zombies were attacking and B was running around the school, slowly losing friends and acquaintances to their deaths...the first twist was revealed and I was in shock for the next few pages. And the ending was another shock that had me reeling for a while.


After that, I couldn't think about anything but the twists, and it's so hard trying to keep them to myself when I tell my friends about ZOM-B.


ZOM-B is a really quick read. With less than 200 pages and a tight, suspenseful plot, you can breeze through the book in one easy session. Nonetheless, ZOM-B is packed with issues such as racism, bullying, and abusive parents. And of course, since this is a series, the ending leaves many unanswered questions on where the twelve-book series is going (but seriously? TWELVE BOOKS???).

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