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Jebel Rum lives in a world of slavery, he is the son of an executioner, a strict man who thinks that pride and honour are everything, having three sons he has to decide who he thinks is worthy of replacing him, he decides that Jebel's two brothers are worthy of the honour of executioner. Leaving Jebel feeling humiliated hurt and angry, he decides to prove his father and brothers wrong by embarking on a dangerous quest, to the far away lair of a god. it’s a journey that many have failed, and perished. But Jebel is determined to prove he can do the quest and return as a man, and have his pride returned.


The first thing that strikes you with this books is the names of people and places, and to some people these can be a little off putting, as they are a little hard to get your tongue around. For the author this could be a little risky as some readers might be put off by this. I myself found the names a little strange, and a bit hard going at first, but if the reader bears with the book then they are in for a treat, the book holds a lot of twists and turns, and the thing that touched me was they way the author wrote about two different people from different social levels finding out that they need one another more than they know, and realising that they had more in common than they thought. As the reader gets into the book we are introduced to more characters, even the reader is unsure who is trust worthy. As Jebel and his slave make their journey, the reader is transported into different worlds with the pair.


I found this book hard to put down, the twists and turns keep the reader intrigued, and wanting more, and trust me keep reading and you wont be disappointed. I enjoyed this book, and defiantly recommend it. Darren Shan fans will not be disappointed with this book.


4/5 stars.

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