Write Away (UK) | 29 April 2010 | Kelley Townley
Slawter is the third book in Darren Shan's second bestselling series 'The Demonata'; following Lord Loss and The Demon Thief. Arguably the master of children's horror, Darren Shan continues to pull no punches as he dazzles us with demons - literal and personal.Returning to the Grady household we find out how Grubbs, Billy-E and Dervish are coping after the events in book one - needless to say, not very well. Then a little brightness shows and they are given the chance to focus on a new task, a brush with Hollywood no less. It's an exciting whirlwind of fame and celebrities on the set of new horror film, Slawter. But is an abandoned village filled with horrifyingly realistic demon props really the place to recover from a near-death experience with some real ones? And just how fake are these demons exactly?Brilliant. I was much happier returning to the Grady family again - never quite clicked with Kernal Fleck. At first the whole Hollywood calling/film set thing felt a bit random but by the end I was really enjoying it. The twists were really good - I've still got my suspicions about some characters - but I felt totally satisfied by the end and eager for the next book.This book is actually really rather tame compared to the others, with no real gore until the end - and then it wasn't nearly as bloody as some earlier encounters (or maybe I'm getting de-sensitised!). Instead we see a lot more character developments. Grubbs is great, a real tear-jerker at times (but then I am a girl) as he wrestles with his desire to be normal against devotion to duty. Billy-E seemed a little under-used and it might have been nice to get to know some of the other cast and crew more so we lamented their passing a bit more, but on the whole a good job well done. Also it was great to see a few familiar demon faces come back ( I can like bad guys, right?).Top stuff but still only recommended for 11+ with the stomach for the darker things in life.
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