| 01 February 2007 | Nathan (14)
This entire story can be described with one word: gruesome. The book is horror, so it is appropriate, but for me there was too much blood, gore and guts. One of the main characters has raging paranoia, another is a werewolf and the third is in constant fear of attack from the demon Lord Loss.The main character is Grubbs and he has played chess against Lord Loss. Lord Loss is a Demonata of terrible power who has two club feet, many small cuts all over his body, pale red skin and a hole in his chest in which a large number of snakes reside. These snakes are entirely under his control and he could best be described as a cruel, sadistic maniac, but then again, that is the personality of all demons.The second main character is Dervish. He battled Lord Loss in the spirit world, and as a result has been in a coma for over a year. He gets a crush in this book, and has a surprisingly long relationship with Davida (a film director) considering the kind of book this is.The third main character is Bill-E and he is a lycanthrope (lycanthropy is a disease that causes werewolves) and Lord Loss cured him.This book is perfect for people looking for a shudder but should be avoided by people who don’t like an excess of violence.
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