So Many Books, So Little Time | 08 November 2012 | Sophie

I went in to Zom-B not really having any idea what I was in for. You see, I’ve never read anything by Darren Shan before. But it still managed t completely surprise me.


My first impressions of Zom-B was rather blah. The writing seemed nothing special and hated B. I’ve rarely read such an unlikable protagonist. B is a racist bully and didn’t even become vaguely amiable until the last fifty or so pages of the novel. Characters are usual the be all and end all for me. If I don’t like the main character, or at least care about them, I don’t like the book. That wasn’t quite the case with Zom-B.


The pace was relentless and the action was constant and I flew through the novel in about two hours. It was just so easy to read! The gore was fantastic and as the story settled in, there were some extremely intriguing moments and fascinating characters that lead to some pretty dramatic plot twists later in the novel. Even B’s digusting excuse for a dad came to play a part, and I had to respect what a brilliantly crafted character he is.


But the real point of this whole novel, for me anyway, was THAT PLOT TWIST. I was seriously not expecting it and those you’ve read it know exactly what I mean. It changed my feelings for Zom-B and before that and the cliffhanger ending, I wasn’t too mfussed about reading any more of the series. Now, I definitely am.


Zom-B thoroughly surprised me and I’m looking forward to seeing how much more Darren Shan will shock and surprise me in Zom-B: Underground.

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