Spantalian's Book Review | 14 July 2013 | Joanne

I liked this book a lot. It picks up at the exact moment that Zom-B city left off.


In this book B is her usual kick ass self with a huge attitude and not patience for anything. We meet Dr.Oystein, who is a zombie and who is the head of the Zombie angels. The zombie angels are zombie teenagers who have come together under Dr.Oystein's protection to carry out missions and prepare for war against Mr.Dowling (Thank God that creepy clown wasn't in this book....He freaks me out). Basically the angels carry out missions such as keeping the place where they are staying (County Hall in London) stocked with supplies and brains; patrolling to keep the revived Zombies away; as well as find living human people and transporting them to the safety of human camps. The zombie teens train with a zombie named Master Zhang who trains them to be not only killing machines but to have common sense when they are fighting and faced with all kinds of situations.


The story does drag a little while B is getting accustomed to the angel lifestyle, training and making new friends. It picks up near the end where Dr.Oystein explains who he is and gives information about how zombies came into existence. He also tells them why some zombies revitalize while others stay mindless typical zombies. Its all really fascinating. We kind out just a smidgen about Mr.Dowling which upset me a bit because I want to know more about him and his mutants. Maybe in the next book.


All in all a fun quick read by one of my favorite authors.

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