Stpeh The Bookworm | 10 July 2013 | Steph

I love, love, love zombie books, but this one was a bit of a letdown for me. I found that there was little to no action until nearly the end of the book, and that I was a bit bored until the action finally kicked in. I also didn’t like that the book seemed to focus more on B’s relationship with the father and mother rather than the zombie epidemic. While I love strong characterization, and thought that B was full of attitude and sass, when I’m reading zombie books, I’m more about the action. The last quarter of the book was action packed, and I enjoyed that part, but the rest of it was boring to me. I also was surprised about how much the book focused on other issues, such as the abusive father and racism. While these are important issues to tackle, I just wasn’t expecting that in a “zombie book.” Needless to say, the book wasn’t what I was expecting at all, which is why I was a bit letdown by it.


I think I will continue on with the series though, since I’m hoping book two will pick up where this one left off and continue on at an exciting pace. We’ll see how it goes!


My Rating: 2/5

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