Super Phlum | 21 May 2013 |

The third installment of the Zom-B series sees B Smith back in the outside world after having spent a considerable amount of time in an underground facility. Upon exploring what’s left of London, B meets some strange characters and finds that, as she is tecnically a zombie, the ‘reviveds’ treat her as one of them, once they’ve had a good look at her.


We also find that this horrific clown-like figure has a huge part to play. We’ve known this from the beginning of the first book, but it becomes more poignant in this book. In Zom-B Underground we got a great description of the clown’s – ‘Mr Dowling’ – hideous features and outfit. In City we come to understand more of his derranged personality and merciless nature. I’ve also become far more intrigued about the hooded creatures that work for Mr Dowling.


In this book I’ve enjoyed Shan’s attention to detail and the range of imagination in the story’s progression. B’s realisation that she may be able to help the human race brings a new level to her character and gives her a reason, I suppose, to carry on, despite the knowledge that as a zombie she doesn’t have too long to live and all seems rather hopeless. But when did that ever stop a Shan protagonist! Bring on Zom-B Angels!

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