Teen Scene | 05 February 2014 | Chad

The book was about the Zombie Apocalypse located in London, England in present day. The book is about a girl named B who has been bitten and has turned into a zombie, only to become capable of thinking again due to a vaccine. She travels to London and stumbles upon Dr. Oystein, a scientist who trains and raises other “angels” like B. There are many other angels like her who go on missions to exterminate London of the zombie infestation.


I really liked the book because of the author’s originality. He came up with a new idea where, if a person is vaccinated and then becomes a zombie, they can regain their mind, even though they don’t have to breathe and can withstand extreme pain, just like normal zombies. I also like how he incorporated another character who is an evil clown with an army of mutants. However, the reader has not yet witnessed him and it’s a foreshadowing of the “big battle” between Dr. Oystein and his angles, and Mr. Dowling and his mutants.


One memorable thing about the book was when B was captured by Barnes, a soldier and hunter who works for a group of people, and is taken prisoner to a boat where the few parliament people who lived are gathered and planning to take over the world. I can’t spoil anything else but that was my favorite part.

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