Teens Read Too | 14 January 2011 | Randstostipher "tallnlankyrn" Nguyen

Regardless of his size, Jebel Rum has always wanted to be the successor of his father as the executioner for his
tribe, a profession that is somewhat honored and entertaining. It doesn’t help when you have two older brothers
who would be better fitted for the job. To make things worse, Jebel’s dreams are quickly crushed when his own
father does not see him as a contender.


What is Jebel’s solution to this problem? Find the god who will give him the power of invincibility, which will
ultimately help him win the tournament against his brothers that will make him the executioner. Along with Jebel
on his travels is the slave who decided to go with him, Tel Hesani, who must be sacrificed to the god in order to
obtain a better life for his family.


THE THIN EXECUTIONER is full of weird but somewhat relatable teen angst, a journey that not only will
prove difficult for Jebel but also will allow him to grow stronger. It also includes an accomplice who becomes
more than what people at that time would think of as an object. Jebel will soon discover that what lays outside
his tribe is something worth experiencing.


Away from the vampires and demons, Darren Shan crafts a unique and compelling story that will take readers
into a whole new world they would never have imagined. Jebel is one of those characters that gives a bad
impression in the beginning. Of course, his non-ethical, guiltless personality is not his fault, as such traits are
actually embedded in the minds of those in his tribe.


However, Jebel’s growth throughout the novel to the very end allows readers to be as comfortable with him as
they are with Tel Hesani, the more likeable character who most readers will automatically respect. Both
characters will endure a difficult and at times deadly journey, and in the end Jebel, Tel Hesani, and even the
reader will be rewarded with a conclusion that is unusual but all the more satisfying.

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