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Darren Shan has really done it again with his new book; Zom-B Angels. I mean seriously, I am impressed.


Answers are dropped everywhere. On the streets, in labs, under fish tanks and as Dr. Oyenstein believes; in the Bible. All those burning questions from book one finally get quenched; in a refreshing and satisfying style. I was not expecting any of the revelations provided here; and that's saying something.


As usual, Zom-B: Angels was fast paced and smooth while still maintaining substance. Landscapes and settings were easily transmitted to the readers mind; with little effort necessary. Though there was the regular amount of gore, It didn't quite feel that way. Mostly because eating human brains is the norm now; and no longer " Eww, I'm eating human jelly- I'm a horrible person!".


And that, brings me to this woman. Ciara. I thought the introduction of Zombie friendly HUMANS to the story was a great idea. Just think of all the dynamics you could bring, lessons you could teach, and the general drama that could ensue! *smiles*


On a curious note, it seems Daren Shan has taken to a new moral theme; and that theme is Religious friction. Before people get me wrong, Zom-B: Angels is by no means a religious book - and does not try to convert/scare people to or from religion. In my opinion, it simply has a light overtone about the misconceptions between religions; and how we can live prejudice-free as one. (Note: This book is YA.)


Wow, long review. Anyways; erhm..

Rating: 4.3

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