The Book Gazer | 06 October 2013 |

Hmmm... This book was peculiar...


Zom-B: Baby, unlike its predecessors, focuses more on B and her internal struggle. While everyone else seems to be taking Dr. Oystein's revelation in stride, B's still reeling. Torn between calling him a Madman, or a prophet, our favourite zombie goes on a journey.


B's inner skirmish carries her across a devastated London, revisiting spots from her childhood, and reflecting upon old memories. It is this period of self contemplation that fleshed out B as a character. Her actions/way of thinking were greatly expanded on.


I know some people may think Zom-B: Baby was a "filler" novel, but I disagree. Yes the gore was lacking, but It was still enjoyable. Was I at the edge of my seat? No, but I wasn't bored; and is that not what matters most?


One thing that *Might* be an issue, Is that actual "Baby" (If you can call it that), doesn't appear until about 3/4'th way. This wasn't too big of a problem for me, but I know some people might be bothered by this....[End of Review]

Rating: 3.5/5

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