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Looking back, one of the main things Zom-B was lacking (although I didn't realize it then) was foreshadowing. The type of sly mysterious hints that tingle the reader's spine, and makes them think "Gee, I wonder what that's supposed to mean..". In most novels foreshadowing is done in the form of a "prophecy" or a series of "precognitive visions". In this case, it’s the latter. With Zom-B City we get to find a little about those "baby dreams" B's been having- as well as their relation to *cue drum roll* Mr. Dowling! (Did I mention Owl man also makes an appearance!?)

Besides the foreshadowing, there are so many things I liked about this book. Darren Shan is masterful at his descriptions of desolate cities, barren streets, and brain deficient corpses. His skill of incorporating moral undercurrents without eroding the main story never ceases to amaze me. I must warn you though, the blood'n gore is turned up a notch in Zom-B City; and you might see innocent people being swarmed by hordes of brain munching zombies. It’s only natural that the body count would escalate as the series intensifies its plot.

Honestly, if I had to pick a winner out of all 3 Zom-B books, it'd have to be Zom-B City. Seriously. It was that good.

Rating: A

What to expect?

The "Shnax"
Owl man
Mr. Dowling!

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