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Jebel Rum is a thin, weak boy who dreams of being a warrior. When he is shamed in public by his father, Rashed Rum, the famous executioner, Jebel goes on a dark and dangerous quest to restore his honour and to gain great strength and invincibility. It is a quest few people have ever survived but to Jebel, the risk is worth it...


Even though Jebel is the main character, he is not a likeable one. He is arrogant, ignorant and on the whole, a complete prat because of his peoples' beliefs. While on his quest he learns to be more kind and friendly and generally less annoying, thanks to his partner (and slave), Tel Hesani. The slave comes from a different region to Jebel and his beliefs start to make Jebel realise that maybe his own beliefs are not right.


This is my favourite Darren Shan book so far. It is a coming of age story of Jebel Rum who goes on a long quest to become the thin executioner. It is probably a slower pace than his other books but when it gets going nothing can stop it. The story is so exciting, with many twists and turns and the descriptions are so vivid that I found myself totally absorbed. You will find humour, excitement, suspense- fantasy at its best. A 5 star story!

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