The Guardian | 25 May 2014 | Katie-Leigh

This was a World Book Day short story which I have read over and over. Koyasan is very scared of the graveyard over the bridge and does not want to cross it like the other kids. Then her Sister's soul is stolen and she has no choice. If she wants to save her, she must overcome her fears.


I love this book!!!! Maiko is my favourite character because she is so sweet and cannot say graveyard properly, she says gravy which is really cute. I loved the part where Koyasan defeated the first spirit with her garlic breath because it was really unexpected.


I would recommend this book to all of my friends because they love ghost stories and horrors and this is a brilliant one for them to try. It was a challenging read when I first tried it, but it became easier the more I read it. This gets the biggest 5/5 stars ever!!

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