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Hello everybody, how have you all been getting on? Good I hope and you’ll be happy to know I’ve managed to make a schedule for my writing. That is something you should do too! Anyway today I’m going to be reviewing an amazing book called Zom-B by Darren Shan “The Master Of Horror.”


I heard great things about the set of books but I’ll just be talking about the first one. The story begins setting a creepy atmosphere making you think “What?” and “Why?” *Note; this book is not requested to people younger than about 12/13 or those who don’t like in depth, graphic gore.* Me, personally begin a zombie lover, was hooked on the second sentence of the book. “The luckier victims were slaughtered in their sleep, their skulls ripped open, their brains devoured.”

The book is mainly about the tom boy Becky Smith, who’s father is a bullying racist and who’s mother was one of his victims. Becky, or “B” as her friends call her, have been watching videos and news reports of an outbreak of zombies in the village of Pallaskenry. B and her friends didn’t believe a word of that and thought it was a publicity stunt or very big practical joke, that is until the zombies come and pay a visit to B’s school. Will she and her friends survive or will B end up doing what she fears she has too? 10/10 from me, it was a great book and didn’t just focus on the blood and brains like most zombie books/films. It hand a great story line and made me read the second one!

Hope you guys enjoyed this review and now going off to buy the brilliant book.

This has been TheHBomb, exploding with ideas!


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