| 27 April 2010 | Carlie Webber
Darren Shan has always been sure of his identity, but in this time of war with the vampaneze, he must help a friend who has no memory of who he is or how he got to where he is.Harkat Mulds has been Darren's guide and friend since Darren's days at the Cirque du Freak, and their friendship became even stronger when Harkat volunteered to accompany Darren on his trip to Vampire Mountain and eventually ended up saving Darren's life. Darren knows that the Little People are ultimately slaves of Mr. Desmond Tiny, and he wants Harkat to have the opportunity to find out who he was before he became a Little Person and, if needed, to amend for anything in the past that might have brought others to harm.Sent on a scavenger hunt across lands that might have been, Darren and Harkat encounter dangerous creatures and have to use all their wits to find the Lake of Souls. In this lake, they know they'll find the secrets of Harkat's past…if they don't die trying to get there!In this book, the tenth in a twelve-volume series, Darren Shan takes you away from the vampire war temporarily and transports you to an amazing, frightening world full of jungle beasts, deadly deserts, and a lake that you don't ever want to fish in. Shan never skimps on the adventure. And while you won't find as many fights with the vampaneze, you'll be biting your nails waiting to learn about Harkat Mulds.
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