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These books are fairly short, quick reads with intriguing illustrations throughout the novels. Personally I feel like they are possibly a fourth grade reading level but maybe a 5th to 8th grade interest level. The series as a whole is a solid 3/5 star series. I didn't have much to say about either of these individually so I decided to combine my posts about these installments to the Zom-B series.


First of all the Zom-B series as a whole is pretty interesting. It is a great series for Middle Graders who are developing an interest in the horror genre. I should warn you though that some of the subject matter could be disturbing for some readers. So know yourself or the person you are purchasing the book for before picking this series up!


The Zom-B series does more than tell an intriguing zombie story, it also has ethics peppered throughout the series as well. B was raised by a hard core racist and adopted a lot of the same beliefs. Now that B is a mindful Zom-B (compared to the mindless zombies we are used to) we get to see the changes that B goes through in body and soul.The end of Mission even brings the clan into the mix as a new villain for B and the zomheads.


I appreciated the gladiator tale of Zom-B gladiator. Somehow I don't doubt that we would pit zombies that could think against zombies who couldn't in a fight to the death for our own entertainment in this day in age. I could see it becoming a hit new series on fox in the face of a zombie outbreak.


I really like how there are different forms of Zombies in Shan's novels. The intelligent, the mindless, the good, the evil. It brings a new perspective to a popular genre. You are also on your toes a lot throughout the novel, never quite sure who you should or shouldn't trust. Shan also addresses the spread of the virus very very well and how survivors would function in a zombie apocalypse world. He also does a fantastic job of putting everyday people under the microscope and showing that it although we think we can judge who are the monsters (zombies obviously right?) sometimes it is man himself that is the greatest monster of all.

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