The Potted Plot | 27 July 2011 | Daniel

First off, I read this book without checking to see where it was in the City Trilogy. So, I read the last book before I read the second book! While reading this book, thankfully, Shan gave ‘flashback’ explanations, and when he did, I was thinking, “That’s funny, I don’t remember that happening in the ‘Procession of the Dead‘ [the first book]“. Well, duh!

But still, City of Snakes is an excellent excellent book, and (depending on the second book, ‘Hell’s Horizon‘s’, which I’m reading now). Interestingly, about three quarters of the book isn’t told from Capac Raimi (the new Cardinal’s) viewpoint or voice. In fact, Capac goes missing! So Al Jeery, Paucar Wami’s son, is sent to look for him.

Of course, serial killer/assassin Paucar Wami makes an appearance. In addition, there are the Harpies, whom I love! Great insane cannibals! And the Incan Goddess is an interesting touch as well…

I’m not going to give too much away, but Shan is adept at weaving a roller coaster ride of a tale. Unlike the other books though, any ‘twists’ were predictable. I think if you’ve read Shan’s Demonata series or Procession of the Dead, you might see any little twist or turn or betrayal that Al Jeery has to face. But it’s good though.

Because it’s the end of the series, Shan had several chapters as an epilogue. I’m not too sure if I like this, especially the last few paragraphs… Sorry, there be semi SPOILERS here as my question is:

How can he end a series meant for adults so sweetly. Like honey, all gooey and mooshy, when he ended the Demonata series, which is meant for children (pfff!) in such a hopeless way?

Hmm… Still, I love Darren Shan!

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