The Potted Plot | 01 August 2011 | Daniel

Well, I have to say I am very satisfied! Darren Shan’s City Trilogy is an amazing three-book ride I highly recommend! Notwithstanding my error in reading “City of Snakes” before “Hell’s Horizons“, the latter read was even more engrossing than the first and last books.

Unlike the first and last book, “Hell’s Horizon” is really an intriguing whodunnit. And you should know that I love a good murder mystery! Unfortunately, because I read “City of Snakes” before this book, I knew who the murderer was.

Yet this didn’t spoil the experience of this book at all. The twists and turns of this book was not nearly as predictable as “Procession of the Dead” or “City of Snakes”. The characters were interesting and multi-dimensional, unlike some of those in the first and last books. And Al as the protagonist is so much more compelling than Capac.

Good book, good trilogy! I look forward to Shan’s “Thin Executioner” now!

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