The Sun Daily (Malaysia) | 12 December 2012 | Sharon Wong

THIS is the fourth and final book in The Saga of Larten Crepsley and is supposed to be a prequel to The Saga of Darren Shan. Wait. Isn’t that the ­author? It sounds pretty confusing, especially if you are not privy to the whole series. But taken on its own, Brothers to the Death is not a bad tale about vampires. However, it’s not a horror story. The vampires here appear similar to humans, with their own princes and clans and problems.


Vampires Larten Crepsley and Gavner have a mission ­concerning the Nazis, who are trying to get the backing of the powerful vampires prior to the start of World War II. The vampires find the Nazis ­disgusting and the two are tasked with ­distracting them while the vampires evacuate to safety. In the process, Larten meets old friend Wester who tries to enlist his help in starting a war with the ­vampaneze and informs him that his old love interest, Alicia, is in danger from a vampaneze, Chayne. Unable to forsake his mission, Larten delays ­going to Alicia and later finds her ­murdered. He swears ­revenge and sets off in search of Chayne. On the way, he meets again with Wester, helps injured humans during WWII, attends a strange wedding, is introduced to the simple lifestyle of some monks, and ends up at a freak show called Cirque Du Freak. There, he finally learns the truth about Alicia’s death, followed by events that lead to the beginning of The Saga of Darren Shan.


On the whole, this is an interesting but strange read.

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