Sunday Mercury (UK) | 24 April 2010 | ???
With Cirque Du Freak, Shan created an instant children's classic to rival the Harry Potter series. Even J.K. Rowling herself professed to be a fan of the young author's spine-tingling tale of terror. Now the sequel has hit the bookstores and it's an altogether darker affair which builds tension for its intended high-school audience but will prove perhaps too disturbing for younger readers.Schoolboy Shan, having faked his death, now accompanies vampire Mr Crepsley on his travels -- and joins up again with the travelling freak show where he first faced his fate. There's a contemporary twist as an encounter with Stumpy-style road protestors leads to tragedy. The third instalment, The Corridors Of Blood (actually, it's Tunnels Of Blood -- darren) is published in November. Leave the lights on.
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