Traf Trash | 21 October 2010 | Nicola Sibthorpe

There are many people who have either read or watched "The Vampire's Assistant", also known under the title "The Saga of Darren Shan". This will come as a welcome surprise to those who enjoyed them when I say that another novel has been written under the title of "Larten Crepsley-Birth of a killer". I'm just going to put this out and say it: I never read any of the other books by Darren Shan, so if your looking for a comparison you won't find it here.


This book was definitely written for younger readers - I flew through it in about a day. The plot was very well written although I personally found it lacking a certain je ne sais quoi. The novel begins with Larten, a very poor factory worker, whose family consists of many siblings, his two parents and a cousin who managed to make his way into Larten's heart. After a brutal mistake, Larten flees the town he has known all his life as a vampire's assistant.


Although, many aspects of the plot were never explained, I still found Larten Crepsley a very enjoyable read. It was meant for people who have read his other books, as some things could have been explained much more. If you wanted to know more about this book look it up on line because you will be unable to read anything on the back cover as has been written in a very strange font that is hardly visible.

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