| 26 April 2010 | Carlie Kraft
Fire. Water. Insane boars. If Darren Shan doesn't panic or cheat as he deals with these tests of strength and cunning, and comes out alive, he will gain the respect of the vampire community. If he fails or quits, he will be dropped onto the stakes in the Hall of Death in Vampire Mountain until he dies. He faces each as part of his Vampire Trials, a set of difficult tasks many vampires undertake to prove their worth to the vampire community. Darren is the youngest vampire ever to take the Trials and, even with a few allowances made for his age, they are not easy. A twist of fate during Darren's fourth trial brings him right into the middle of an ongoing battle between the vampires and their enemies, the vampaneze, and he's going to have to do everything in his power to come out alive.Hold your breath and don't skip a word as Darren fights the forces of nature in order to prove himself a worthy vampire. Shan's trademark heart-pounding action is back, and readers will want to scream right along with Darren as he struggles to stay alive during his Trials. The story of the Vampire Council begins to unfold, but every time one of Darren's questions is answered, two more appear in its place. Murder, mayhem and nail-biting suspense lead into an ending that does anything but close the story.
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