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Just had this book from the library. I have a weakness for zombies and this sounded interesting. Plus it's written by Darren Shan who writes incredibly good youth books!


B is struggling at home with a racist father who often gets angry and beats B and B's mother. B questions her father's opinions, but can not hate him. But there are other, worse monsters. News about zombie attacks in Ireland -- are they real or just a film trick? Mutants that steal young children. And of course zombies. But the worst monster can be you ...


This is an incredibly exciting and engaging book. B is an asshole, but still I feel sympathy for the teenager. B is a multifaceted character with good and bad sides, and personal development. The other characters are also interesting and drive the story forward.


This is a zombie story, but the zombies mostly lurk in the shadows that plague the major parts of the book. That said, it bothered me. It was felt all along that they soon came. Once they do, they attack with blood, gore and brain eating. Looking forward to the next book. Book 1 has in fact a Grand Canyon cliffhanger at the end!

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