| 24 April 2010 | Christina Lewis
The saga continues for young Darren Shan, half-vampire, half-human, in "Tunnels of Blood." Darren is slowly getting used to his new life and beginning to respect the vampire he works as an assistant to, Larten Crepsley. Being a part of the Cirque Du Freak isn't so bad since he has found a best friend in Evra Von, the snake boy, but Darren still misses his family. When Mr. Crepsley suddenly decides they must leave the Cirque for a while Darren wonders what he is up to. Evra joins them on their "vacation" and they are enjoying being away from all the hard work. But when they hear on the news that six people have been found dead and drained of all their blood, Darren begins to suspect Mr. Crepsley. What has he been doing when he goes out every night? Darren is determined to find out and stop the killer any way he can. But when Darren and Evra come face to face with something more horrifying than they could ever imagine, will they be able to escape alive?
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