| 24 April 2010 | Carlie Kraft
As the third CIRQUE DU FREAK chronicle begins, Mr. Crepsley is paid a visit by an old friend, Gavner Purl, a member of the vampire police force. Mr. Crepsley refuses to tell Darren what he and Gavner talked about but announces they must leave the Cirque to go live in the city. Darren, who is happy with life at the Cirque, is upset by the idea of having to go live someplace strange. He complains to Mr. Crepsley, who comes up with the idea of taking Darren's closest friend, snake-boy Evra Von, with them. This way, Darren can have a guardian and companion, yet still assist Mr. Crepsley with...well, Darren's not entirely sure what it is that Mr. Crepsley will be doing in the city, but it beats a stake through the heart.City life is great until Darren comes home one night to find Evra glued to the television watching a news report about the discovery of six bodies drained of their blood. Convinced that it's Mr. Crepsley who's been killing these innocent people, Darren sleuths up and follows him to a slaughterhouse where he meets an enemy more terrifying than he could have ever imagined. Darren must use his mind and rely on luck to overtake his new nemesis, even if it means putting his friends at risk. Cliffhangers at the end of every chapter will keep those pages turning as Darren does battle with someone who could end his life.
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