Booklist (USA) | 26 April 2010 | Debbie Carton
Teen half-vampire--and author--Darren Shan returns in the next two installments in the Cirque Du Freak series. In Tunnels, Darren has begun to adjust to his fate, but he remains distrustful of his vampire master, Larten Crepsley. When six bodies are discovered drained of blood, Darren and his friend Evra the snake boy decide Mr. Crepsley is behind the killings, and they vow to stop him. When Vampire Mountain begins, Mr. Crepsley has emerged as a heroic, trustworthy mentor for Darren. The two set out for a council at Vampire Mountain, where Darren faces a deadly challenge. Like others in the series, these combine suspense with gory yet fascinating detail, occasional pathos, and even a bit of humor. The cliffhanging ending promises more to come. Two thumping good reads for fans.
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