Mrs Mad's Book-A-Rama (UK) | 26 April 2010 | Mrs Mad
Mrs Mad's humble opinion 8/10 You are working hard. Well done. What's it about? Darren must face the dangerous trek to Vampire Mountain and face the initiation into the Vampire clan! What happens? Mr Crepsley is summoned to take Darren to Vampire Mountain. The journey is like nothing Darren could have imagined and there are times when he doesn't think he will make it. Mr Tiny has sent some of his little people to escort them and Darren makes some startling discoveries about these strange beings. Before they reach Vampire Mountain they face the work of the Vampaneze, a dead vampire and realise that even more danger lies ahead! Is it easy to read? Easily read, good choice for boys who are finding it difficult to choose, girls will love it too> Anything else? The Saga moves on to the next stage of Darren's life as a Vampire's assistant, this is his last hope to ever return to humanity, or he will be pushed even further towards the dark life of the vampires. Again Shan has come up with some imaginative plots and characters, the little person for example reveals an awful secret. He just keeps writing really good stuff!
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