VOYA | 06 December 2012 |

B Smith is a tough cracker--living with a father like Todd, anyone would have to be tough, if just for self-defense. Todd has a habit of getting drunk and beating up on his family. B takes the beatings, then goes out and bullies other kids, especially those who have a different skin color or a different cultural background. B does not want to hate these people, but Todd’s training is deeply instilled in the teen’s psyche. Into this bleak world enter the zombies; when they attack the high school, B and friends must try to escape the maze-like building but are fighting a losing battle as one after another of them falls to the horrible and hungry undead. Horror with a social conscience--that best describes this first installment in a planned twelve-book series by the self-proclaimed “Master of Horror.” B does not want to be a bigot or bully, but racism prevails in this thought-provoking, cautionary tale about giving up too much of yourself in order to please your parents and win their love. The need for Todd’s love is so strong that B becomes a clone of him, in spite of knowing deep down that it is wrong. This compelling page-turner builds steadily to the climax then throws the reader off the cliff with a twist that is impossible to see coming. It is fast paced and unpredictable, a great choice for teen boys and girls who like the gore and grizzle of a good horror story. Ages 12 to 18.

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