Wanted readers | 31 October 2012 |

This takes the cake; I can honestly say I have never ever in my life read anything like this. As my first introduction to this author, who I would learn later has a tendency to kill at will, my jaw stay on the floor a lot throughout my reading experience. Forgive me if I'm still in a state of jumbled shock. Wow! Gory, gruesome, cutthroat...so many words, yet I am speechless. The writing is well paced and story is weird with unexpected twists. The zombies in this book are more calculating and seem to be organized for some purpose but no one believes it's real. They think it some kind of hoax until one is severing their head in two and devouring their organs. Though this is about zombies, the main focus seems to fall onto B's parental relationship. The father in this book is extremely racist and physically abusive to his wife and child. B struggles with trying to please him and doing what's right but the simmering anger and hatred seems to win out each time. Overall, okay read for zombie lovers and if I can get past the creepiness of it, I will be reading the next one.

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