Watermark Books | 16 April 2010 | Colleen McGee

The City is a dark playground for the criminal underworld and full of awesome potential. To get in on the action, Capac Raimi goes to live with his Uncle Theo in order to be trained in the intricacies of organized crime. He’s smart, sly, not-easily shaken, and he’ll do whatever he has to do to make it big. But; in the City, no one is anyone without the Cardinal’s blessing.


When the Cardinal destroys his Uncle and his underlings; Capac is brought into the inner-most fold of the city’s underworld and given the “okay” to rise. In order to achieve all that he dreams the Cardinal promotes Capac from small- time gangster to insurance agent. Although the path to supreme power comes falling into place; the City along with its Cardinal is more than what it seems.


People seem to disappear from even memory, blind Incan priests roam about unnoticed, and the City is plagued by inexplicable bouts of heavy green fog. Alas greatly disturbed by mysterious events, Capac demands the truth from the Cardinal and comes to discover the full capacity of madness within himself.


"Procession of the Dead" is an eerie page-turner; guaranteed to keep you up at night as the world you’re submerged in, both, quickly unravels and perturbs you. When you reach the end and you’re dismantled but exhausted; the conclusion will continue to haunt you.

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