Waterstones | 26 March 2010 | J R Lloyd

Residing on his mantel of king of horror Darren Shan returns to deliver teen fantasy of the most blood curdling variety.

Driven by a need to expel claims that he is the runt of the litter Jebel Rum sets out on a quest to follow in his father’s legendary footsteps and become Wadi’s eminent executioner. Few believe he has a hope in hell to journey to Tubaygat to face the fire god Sabbah Eid but if he is successful there is none who would stand in his way. It is time to do or die…

‘The Thin Executioner’ is a marked departure from Shan’s other works but by no means suffers for it. Fantastical lands, inhabited by fantastical beasts creates an atmosphere of holy tension as Jebel travels on his hallowed quest. Exploring topics of belief and class division Shan paints a novel which is steeped in intelligent observations asking questions of its readers. As with the great absorbing fantasy titles ‘The Thin Executioner’ is driven by a journey and delivers very satisfactory results for its readers creating a remarkable stand alone title.

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