What A Review! | 12 October 2012 |

So I have never actually reviewed a book on my blog but this book by Darren Shan is truly amazing. The book is called Zom-B and it is set in first person following a young character only known as B Smith, with this character you don’t know much about them rather than they have a racist, wife and child beating father, the poor character suffers from a recurring dream of mutant babies.


The story starts of in the prologue talking about a zombie outbreak in a rural Irish town. The main story is set in present time London, following the main character B Smith and their everyday life, you see the way they are treated at home by their racist and wife-beating father, how they are not the ‘brightest’ students in school but are very strong and trying to prove their father wrong trying to show they’re not racist.


The book does have you wondering throughout the whole story what the ‘B’ in B Smith stands for but within the last couple of chapters you do find out but that is not the only twist, the biggest twist in during the last 3 pages. I am not saying what it is as I am not going to ruin the end, you have to read it to find out. The only thing I do say is that you should read it and that it is truly wonderful, I would love to meet Darren Shan just to say how amazing this book is!


It is the first in a 12 part series and I can’t wait for the next 11 to come out just so I can see what else will happen!

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