| 09 September 2009 | ???
Grubbs Grady, Meera Falme, and Shark set off with nine others to find and capture Prea Athim. Prea has stolen hundreds of werewolves from the Lambs and set them on the island, and it appears that the mission will be simple. But the tables turn on them and Grubbs and his friends find themselves deep in the island's jungle surrounded by werewolves and no hope in sight. Can Grubbs do what he must and to save his friends or will he die trying?Wolf Island was a very good book, it wasn't the best in the series, but was better then the previous book Death's Shadow. The only problem with Wolf Island was the begging. The begging had a similar problem as Deaths Shadow at first there was nothing new and interesting brought to the story. Luckily for the reader though the story quickly gets more and more interesting once the begging on hundred pages were past.
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