Voya (USA) | 29 April 2010 | Erin Kilby
Every Demonata reader knows that the Lambs are a necessary evil, ridding the world of innocent—albeit dangerous—teens who morph into werewolves and make the earth unsafe for humanity. But when Grubbs and his crew returns from the demon universe to investigate an increase in wolf attacks, the true motives of the Lambs come into question and Grubbs’s wolven side strains for release. Fans may be shocked by some of the unique conflicts that begin to surface in book eight. Past installments of this series have required Grubbs to accept the deaths of his loved ones, make sacrifices for the cause, kill, and even be willing to give his own life to save another. However, those killings were always of the demon kind, and Grubbs’s sacrifices served to make the world a safer place. Yet Wolf Island reveals Grubbs’s transformation from a young man fighting for the survival of all humans, be they good or slightly bad, to developing a blood-lust that is out of control—a blood lust that does not exclude the desire to murder members of the human race. A moral line is crossed here, and the reader is left to wonder whether Grubbs’s character has succumbed to his own internal evil, or whether he is being manipulated by some outside force—an uncertainty that is not fully clarified by the book’s conclusion. Readers will be left crestfallen at the changes in Grubbs, but also curious to see whether he will be redeemed in the next installment.
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