Write away | 13 September 2010 | Kelley Townley

It is Kernel's turn to be the first-person narrator in this book where we battle to bring down the Shadow, aka Death. After following Bec and Grubbs for the last two books we catch up on events through Kernel's 'eyes'. He is arguably the most battle-weary and depressed of our heroic trio: his narrative is tired, he's not filled with the same fighting spirit as Grubbs and Bec, he longs for peace more than victory. So when an ancient creature from the beginning of time offers the blind window-maker a way out of the war with the demons, he is ready to accept. But at what cost? And who says the new tyrannical head of the group – Grubbs 'The Werewolf' Grady - will let him go anyway? Especially now they have learnt how to work the mighty weapon, the Kah-Gash.


Things are starting to come to a head in this penultimate book and the death of The Shadow at the end leaves the reader wondering how exactly the climatic finale will pan out. We're told the bigger story behind the relatively small battle for planet Earth and the series takes on a truly epic feel. There is the usual action and gore but we all know the end is coming. What really speeds the reader through this book is the promise of the final instalment. By the final pages our trio of teenage heroes are left to face the final battle (whatever it may be) alone, as everyone else falls, including Meera and Dervish, as well as Juni Swan. Excitement builds as we reach the climatic end of the DEMONATA.


Recommended as always to non-squeamish 12yrs+.

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