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This book is no trip through the daisies on a warm spring morning, and its NOT the ZOMBIES that are so mind numbingly terrifying. The most horrifying aspect of this gruesomely dark tale can be found in the character of B's father. An abusive moron and blatant racist; he makes no bones about the fact that he believes that his wife is his doormat and white Britain is the right Britain at any cost.


Seeing this dynamic played out in life on a daily basis shapes B into a person who must fight the monster that she is becoming long before the zombies come into play. After witnessing what B goes through with her father and what happens as a result, the zombies are a relief. It is when the zombie attack happens however, that B has the moments that both serve to horrify and redeem.


This book is very dark and takes a no holds barred look at the evils of abuse, classism, bigotry, and ignorance. There is the usual amount of blood and gore the Mr. Shan is known for, and there are very bold visuals throughout the book. (I say visuals because the word illustrations would not be enough of a description.)


The end of the book comes much too quickly but leaves the reader hungry for more.


5/5 stars

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