YA bigBOOKworm | 13 March 2013 | Crashley Rogers

The final book of The Larten Crepsley Saga, and man was it a good one! Larten has experienced more tragedy in his life that anyone should, but he manages to find his way through it all in the end. Larten sticks true to his promise to Alicia and visits her often. Although she will never allow it due to her old age, Larten yearns to be with her as her partner until the very end. It has been a good 15 years since Tanish’s death and yet he still remains aloof when it comes to Gavner. I was really sad to hear this still. I can see where Larten is coming from, but I can also see that Gavner always craved his acceptance. He just wanted to feel that Larten really cared. I was also sympathetic towards Larten’s doomed relationship with Alicia. I could tell that he really loved her very much. Somethings just are not meant to be.


WW2 is taking place during this book. The Nazis army have been searching out vampires in the hopes of their merging together for a common cause. Mika Ver Leth and Larten do not trust the Nazis’ motives and so turn their backs on them. Larten and Gavner begin a wild goose chase with the Nazis that will take months and even years to achieve. In the process of leading the German army astray, Larten is faced with the most horrific decision yet. Wester comes to inform him of Alicia’s, the love of his life, imminent danger. Larten knows he must stay true to the clan. He has duties to withhold. Yet, he rushes to Alicia’s side as soon as he can. Unfortunately he is too late. For years Larten is lead to believe that a vampaneze he tangled with years ago is to blame for this massacre. He travels the world on an endless revenge cycle hunting for his evasive foe. I was so destraught when I read about Alicia’s death. It was just another tragedy to add to Larten’s growing belt. It seemed that his life was full of affliction. He then had to face the anger of Alicia’s daughter, Sylva, and Gavner. I felt like poor Larten would never find a reprieve.


Larten has become highly respected in his years as a General. He was even offered a position as a prince, but with all the things that he has seen, done, and suffered he feels that he would not find peace with such a high title. I felt that Larten would have made a great Prince of his people, but I could understand his reverence. We all have a dark side to us when faced with tragedy and despair. I was happy that he found somewhat of a happy life with the monks and The Cirque Du Freak. I was completely heart broken when he had to take the life of the closest person he has known for half his life. Although I figured this information out early in the book, I could understand how love can blind us all the the truth.


Larten and Arra even get their chance at love in this book, but it was not the time nor the place for them to make things work. Larten was in a dark place, and not even the love of Arra Sails could bring him out of his misery. I wanted them to work out so bad! I felt that she could have been the break in the clouds for him. He only found a semblance of peace when he was constantly working at something.


I was glad to see the book end where everything all started in TCDF! It was good to see Crepsley’s thoughts on what the future might hold. I was happy to see him looking forward to it. I loved this series and TCDF and would recommend it to anyone. It is a very heart wrenching story that will definitely draw you in.


4/5 stars

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