Young Adult Literature | 17 October 2012 |

Zom-B is a new series from author Darren Shan. I have been a big fan of Shan’s work since his Cirque Du Freak Series (The Vampire’s Assisstant) and so far Zom-B does not disappoint. At first I though that the story was going to be all about the zombie apocalypse but it turned out that it is also about the real horrors that we face in the everyday world. The protagonist is a teenager named B who lives in London. B likes hanging out with friends, listening to music and getting into trouble. The zombie attacks begin in Ireland and everyone thinks that there are some sort of publicity stunt created by the media. Besides, B has other thinks to be concerned about. B’s father is a racist and an abusive drunk who beats on his family when they disagree with his opinions. B has found that life is easier if you just don’t argue with you father. B often despises the actions of the man who is the head of the family but still can’t help but love and defend him when teachers and friends challenge his behavior. Can B stand up to a racist father or will B begin to turn into an abusive racist? Get ready for some truly shocking twists and turns as the story progresses. Will B save the community or fall victim to the army of the undead that are threatening the land? This book will appeal to male readers because of the subject matter but it should appeal to anyone who is looking for a heart-pounding good read! Read Zom-B by Darren Shan. I couldn’t put it down and I am now eager to devour the next installment.

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