Zombie Diaries | 20 October 2014 |

After following some 'z' arrows, B makes her way to Dr. Oystein and his facility of "angels". Dr. O is some 200 year old zom head dedicating his infinite time to helping revitalized zombies and repairing them and to train them....for a war against humans and zombies. B is repaired by being naked in a tube of special slime for weeks. When she comes out she sees a few familiar faces and one that she wants to kill since he was a dick and killed all her friends at the underground facility. B has to learn to get along with others, train, and learn about Dr. O and his Nazi horror past. Dr. O is a wacko in my opinion who believes "god" had him come back to finish his work since Dr. O believes a reckoning is upon them. That is why he has his Angels. But there are also evil things, like a maniac clown zombie....


So...I guess there are less random things happening and more explaining done as to why there are zombies and how B is how she is with other teenage zombies. I was shaking my head at the whole "god" idea of Dr. O's and even the characters were. I feel this was more of a filler book than one that was jam packed with action. I did learn these revitalized zom heads can't feel sexual needs so good to know no romance will happen. This also brings up a lot of questions I have....

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