Zombie Diaries | 03 November 2014 |

Again lots of filler in the beginning but I enjoyed the excitement at the end and it got a bit mushy too. *AWE*


So B is back at the safe haven with Dr. O. still doing some training with the group now out on the streets. They meet a young lady and her child and while off collecting some items for them, B is captured by someone she knows. Le gasp!
Barnes takes her to some messed up royalty family on a boat and is forced to fight other zombies. The more senseless ones. Her incentive to fight: some idiot child killer will kill the 15 or so kids he has locked up for his play things. Wtf? I know. What a bunch of psychos!

Soon B becomes...the gladiator. The whole Dan Dan, border line mentally challenged child killer in a 3 times too small sailor outfit is an ingredient for nightmare fuel. And killing for sports? That's some white privileged crap right there hard at work. So what's next for Becky Smith? Well not everyone was captured at the end so I'm sure run ins with some royals or even owl man and the clown are in the future.

3 out of 5 monkey heads

I keep on reading this series and there are still 6 more according to Goodreads. I'll be leaving this series alone for a little while.

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