Zotwot | 27 March 2014 | Dan

I think this might be the best book of the series so far. No longer are we sat around County Hall talking and training but here the action really begins as B and her Angels are sent on a mission to transport some humans to a “safe” community. Suffice to say this is easier said than done.


What I liked about most about this book is how it expanded the Zom-B universe. We’ve spent so much time with the revitalised like B and until now haven’t really been told how the standard humans are doing. In terms of surviving it appears some of them are not doing too bad as we are introduced to the community of New Kirkham. Shan does a great job here of making it convincing, imagining everything a post-zombie apocalypse community would need to consider in order to survive.


We also are given some big shocks during the progress of this book. The first comes quite early on and involves one of the series’ most likeable characters, Mr Burke. There’s a scene involving him which is both completely unexpected and at this point completely unexplained.


Our other shock comes towards the end when the drama really escalates. Unlike what one might expect it doesn’t involve Mr. Dowling, who is notably absent here once again, and it looks like it might set up the direction for the series from this point. It looks as though the racism storyline from the first book is more important than it first appeared considering what B has to face now.


I am still a little frustrated with the format of these books though. It means here we are given a cliffhanger, which I always feel shouldn’t happen in a book. I would have preferred a longer book with the next volume coming out later.


A great addition to the series which ramps up the action and starts to prepare us for what I feel is going to be a superb and exhausting rest of the series!


My rating: 5 of 5 stars

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