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KIDS' TURN CENTRAL -- reviewed by ???

The saga continues........

"After four hours had passed since I learned I was going to be judged in the Trials of Initiation. I still didn't know very much about he Trials, but from the gloomy faces of my companions, and by what that been said in The Hall of Princes, I figured my chances of emerging victorious were, at best, slim."


In book five Darren must face the Trials: seventeen ways to die unless the luck of the vampire is with you. He must pass five fearsome trials to prove himself to the vampire clan - or else face the stakes of the Hall of Death.

As with previous books in the series you will be turning pages quickly to learn more about the Trials and the dangers that await young Darren. Word of warning though, some of the Trials are pretty stomach-turning, this book is not for the those easily scared.

More is going on in book five then just the perilous Trials. The Vampaneze are still lingering around and weaving their way further into the story line.

The ending is superb, once again leaving you anticipating book six. You won't expect the twist at the end.

Trials of Death may give you nightmares so be prepared to be scared. It also has an underlying theme of the values of friendship and family, trust and loyalty. Rated for children 9-12.

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