• Issue 254 - September 2021

    01 September 2021



    Hi everyone, and welcome to the September issue of the Shanville Monthly. I often seem to start these newsletters by saying I have a jam-packed issue for you, but honestly, no hyperbole, this IS genuinely a biggie -- if it was a physicaly magazine, I'd have had to add extra pages and sold it as a bumper edition! As well as info about my new book, there are articles about where you can catch the Cirque Du Freak movie for FREE, where you can listen to all twelve of the Cirque Du Freak audio books for FREE, and where you can download the first Archibald Lox eBook for (yes, you guessed it) FREE. And that's only the first few entries -- on top of that I reveal what the title of the next Archibald Lox omnibus edition will be... there are links to interviews and reviews... you can watch me take part in a recorded panel event, and find out how you can watch me do a live, streamed solo event in October... and still, that only covers about half the content of the newsletter! So, let's waste no more time and space here, and instead dive straight in and lead with news of that new book...






    The summer of Shan concludes this month with the release of Archibald Lox and the Rubicon Dictate, book 6 of the series, which goes on sale on 1st September, as both an eBook and paperback -- you can buy the eBook through all the major online stores, but the paperback is only available through Amazon. You can buy the eBook using any of the links below, or the paperback through the Amazon link.


    Amazon: http://mybook.to/archie6ebook

    Apple, B&N, Kobo + others: https://books2read.com/u/3LR5we

    Google Play: CLICK HERE


    Book 6 has picked up some glowing reviews from advance readers. Here are a few snippets:


    "Filled with twists and turns that leave the reader on the edge of their seat." The Word Cubby.


    "Full of adventure and intrigue. I've really enjoyed how this has blended the familiar with the fantastical to craft a captivating world." T. Higgs Reviews.


    "Tension! Drama! Badassery! The final book in volume two of Archibald Lox has it all." Rachel Hobbs, author of Shadow-Stained.


    "The Rubicon Dictate is an epic conclusion to Darren Shan's second Archibald Lox volume, that readers will be sure never to forget." The Literary Connoisseur.






    If you haven't yet got on board the Archibald Lox train, this is the perfect time to start, as I've REDUCED THE PRICE of the VOLUME 1 eBOOKS! There are two ways to buy Volume 1. The easiest way is to buy the omnibus edition, called The Missing Princess, which collects the first three books and presents them as one big single story, the way I originally wrote it. That will cost you $2.99 in the USA, £2.49 in the UK, OR the local equivalent in other countries. Alternatively you can buy it as three individual books, the way it was originally released. The eBook of Book 1 is always FREE, and during the sale Book 2 costs $0.99, and Book 3 costs $1.99. You can buy the eBooks through any of the major online stores . Here are direct links for The Missing Princess and Book 1.


    The Missing Princess on Amazon: CLICK HERE

    The Missing Princess on Google Play: CLICK HERE

    The Missing Princess on Apple, Kobo, B&N, etc: CLICK HERE


    Book 1 on AmazonCLICK HERE

    Book 1 on Google PlayCLICK HERE

    Book 1 on Apple, Kobo, B&N, etcCLICK HERE






    Because the Archibald Lox books are print on demand, there's no way for me to release them cheaply. (Although you CAN sometimes get the omnibus editions at big discounts on Amazon or Book Depository, up to 50% off!) If you would prefer to buy Volume 1 in a physical format, I strongy recommend buying the omnibus The Missing Princess edition, as the paperback is substantially cheaper than buying the three books separately -- indeed, the hardback sometimes costs less than buying the three small paperbacks! You can buy The Missing Princess through a variety of stores worldwide (you won't find it on the shelves of stores like Waterstones or Barnes & Noble, but staff there should be able to order it for you, if you want to shop local) but you're probably going to get it at its best price through Amazon or Book Depository. More info and direct links below...


    1) If you're looking to buy a hardback edition of The Missing Princess, the best deal can usually be found on Amazon, where it often sells at a very large discount: CLICK HERE. There are also usually good deals on Book DepositoryCLICK HERE to be directed to your country's branch, where you'll be shown the cost in your local currency.


    2) You can get the paperback of The Missing Princess on Amazon or Book Depository -- CLICK HERE to be sent to your local Amazon store, or CLICK HERE to be directed to your local Book Depository branch.


    3) As I've said above, the cheapest way to buy Volume One in a physical edtion is to buy The Missing PrincessBUT if you would prefer to buy it as three individual books, I've produced paperback editions, but only through Amazon stores worldwide. CLICK HERE to buy Book 1... CLICK HERE to buy Book 2... and CLICK HERE to buy Book 3.






    Quite a few fans have asked if there will be a collected, omnibus edition of books 4, 5 and 6 of my Archibald Lox series, as there was with the three Volume One books. The answer is YES, there certainly will be, and it will be released either later this year or in the first half of 2022. I'd meant to keep the title of the Volume 2 omnibus a secret until much closer to its release date, but I let it slip when chatting with my American publicist, and she included it when setting up a blog tour that I went on last month. It's no biggie, and hardly anyone seemed to notice -- I only spotted it myself on the second day of the tour! -- but since the cat's out of the bag, I can now officially (albeit not exclusively) reveal that the title of the Volume 2 bind-up will be...




    I'll be releasing it as a hardback and paperback, and you'll have the option of buying it through a variety of stores. The cheapest way of buying the Archibald Lox books is as eBooks, but if you would rather own physical copies, the paperbacks of the omnibus editions are substantially cheaper than buying the single-title paperbacks, and the hardbacks come in around the same kind of price. If you're happy waiting a while, my advice is to wait and read Volume 2 as one big whopper of a book, the way I originally wrote it and intended for it to be read. But, hey, I can certainly understand if you're too impatient to do that!!!:-)






    If you're an Amazon Prime Video subscriber in the USA, you might be interested to hear that the Cirque Du Freak movie can now be watched for FREE on Amazon Prime. It started streaming on the channel at the start of September, having been previously available on IMBD TV. I don't know if it will be accessible in other countries (it doesn't seem to have been added to the UK Prime site -- boo!), but if you're a member of Amazon Prime, it's worth checking in your local store, just in case. You can read more about the release by CLICKING HERE.





    Darren Shan: 'People reading dystopian books have been better prepared for what has happened'


    There was a lengthy interview with me in the Irish Examiner last month, one of Ireland's leading national newspapers. Among other things, I talk about the pandemic and self-publishing, and how being a self-published author allowed me to dramatically change the release dates for my new Archibald Lox series in response to the first global lockdown last year. You also find out the identity of my literary hero -- which shouldn't come as any great surprise to anyone!


    There are ups and downs to self-publishing. One of the big downs is that it's very difficult to get featured in a major national newspaper -- getting that kind of coverage is tricky for ANY children's author or horror/fantasy author, but especially hard if you don't have the backing of a major publisher, and if your books aren't physically available on the shelves of bookstores. So I'd like to offer up BIG thanks to Marjorie Brennan for agreeing to interview me, to the Irish Examiner for arranging to publish it, and to my publicist Catherine for setting it all up in the first place. You can read the full interview by CLICKING HERE



    OCTOCON 2021



    I'm delighted to confirm that I'll be participating in Octocon 2021 at the start of October. Octocon is the National Irish Science Fiction Convention, a celebration of books, comics, TV, films and games, covering the genres of science fiction, fantasy, horror and beyond. It's usually held in the flesh, in Dublin in Ireland, meaning its limited to those who can attend in person. But last year, because of COVID, it moved online, and it's going to be an online event this year too.


    I'm going to be doing a FREE solo event, open to people everywhere in the world (not just in Ireland), in which I'll do a short reading from one of my books, and then answer questions from the moderator and audience. From what I've been told, the event will take place in a private Zoom meeting, which will be streamed out to Twitch, with audience questions passed on from the convention's Twitch channel. (I know absolutely nothing about Twitch, so I hope that makes more sense to you guys than it does to me!)


    The exact date and time has yet to be confirmed (it will be on Saturday 2nd or Sunday 3rd of October), but if you're interested in taking part, you can register on the Octocon site -- registration is FREE, but you HAVE to register to take part, so I'd recommend doing it sooner rather than later, so that you can be kept in the loop in the run-up to the event.


    This is the link for the Octocon site: https://2021.octocon.com/


    And this is the link for the registration page: https://registration.octocon.com/


    This will probably be my only live online public event of 2021. See YOU there?!? :-)






    A few excited Shansters recently informed me that all twelve audio books in my Cirque Du Freak series are currently FREE to download on Audible. Now, it must be noted that this offer is only available to users who have signed up to Audible and are paying a monthly fee (I think it's called their PLUS programme), so it's not exactly "free" FREE, but it does mean that instead of only being able to use your monthly credit to buy a single book in the series (which means it would take a whole year to listen to the entire Saga), you can now download all twelve audio books and binge-listen!! I'm not sure how long this offer will run, so my advice is to download all 12 swiftly, which you can.


    From what fans are reporting, this offer as available through  Audible stores in the USA, the UK and Ireland, and Canada, but I'm not sure about other stores worldwide. If you're a member of Audible, it's worth checking in your own region's store, just in case they're free there too.


    This is probably a good time to remind fans of audio books that you can also donwload all twelve Zom-B books on Audible (although I think you can only buy the first four in the UK store, as four audio books in that series were released by my British publisher, so they can't stock the American editions because of copyright reasons -- this is something I'm trying to find a solution to, but I've been trying for a while, so don't hold your breath...), as well as Lady of the Shades, which is a ghostly thriller for adults that I released several years ago.


    CLICK HERE for the Darren Shan listings on Audible -- and happy listening!!!






    I wrote a short story called "Hagurosan" many years ago for the War Child anthology, "Kids' Night In". It used to be on my site, to read for free, but several years later, the publishers Barrington Stoke, who produce books for children with dyslexia or other reading problems, asked me if I would work with them to tweak it, so that they could publish it as a short book. When that was released, I removed the story from my site, in order not to take away sales from the print edition.


    Recently, I noticed that the book was no longer listed on the Barrington Stoke site, so I restored it to my site, once again for free. But the good people at Barrington Stoke quickly got in touch to say that the book wasn't actually out of print, and that they had been looking at new ways to relaunch it. So, I'm afraid it's a case of easy come... easy go... again!! I've removed the story from my site once more, and assuming Barrington Stoke push ahead with the relaunch, it will remain removed for the foreseeable future.


    THIS is the link for the Barrington Stoke site -- let's keep a close eye on it, and hopefully we'll be seeing the return of Hagurosn in the very near future.


    I'll quickly add that, while Hagurosan is temporarily unavailable, my short book Koyasan is on sale through Amazon stores worldwide at a very reasonable price -- both were inspired by visits to Japan, so I see them as something of a pair. CLICK HERE



    YALC 2021



    For a variety of reasons, it's been a long time since I was out on tour, but while I don't see myself hitting the road again any time in the near future (except virtually, as I'm doing at Octocon in October), I DID record a video panel interview recently with fellow authors Garth Nix, C. L. Clark and Hafsah Faizal, for YALC -- the UK's official YA Lit Con. The con has been held in London since 2014, as part of the Film & Comic Con. This year, because of COVID, they ran the con online, and I was invited to take part.


    Being honest, I don't enjoy virtual events as much as in-the-flesh events, and it's difficult to interact with other authors as naturally and fluidly as it would be if we were all sitting in the same room together -- as you'll see if you watch the video, we pretty much each take turns answering questions, and don't really respond to one another or engage in a dialogue, as we would have at a "normal" event. That being said, you do get four fantasy authors in four different parts of the world (we dialled in from Australia, Ireland, England, and the USA) who probably wouldn't have been able to come together any other way, talking about their books and the worlds they create and their inspirations, and I think it's an interesting, engaging piece, which will hopefully help you pleasantly kill 51 minutes this weekend. :-)


    Also -- and this is where virtual events trump their in-the-flesh counterparts -- because it's online, it means a) it can be viewed by anyone, anywhere in the world, and b) although it's normally quite expensive to attend a normal convention, this year's online YALC events were FREE -- hurrah!!!


    You can watch the video in its entirety by CLICKING HERE


    And if you want to watch more of the YALC events -- they programmed a whole weekend's worth of online talks, with dozens of fantastic authors -- CLICK HERE for the full lineup.






    I went on a Blog Tour last month, to promote the Volume 2 Archibald Lox books. On one of the days I was hosted by THE MOMMA SPOT. They asked me to write an article about some of my favourite characters in the Archibald Lox books. Rather than talk about the main handful, I picked out some of my favourites from the supporting cast. You'll find out who speaks ALL IN CAPITALS, which characters are named after my two children, and which real-life person was the inspiration for Baba Jen, a 600 year old, foul-mouthed battle axe of a woman trapped in the body of a sweet-looking little girl!!! CLICK HERE






    While I was on the above-mentioned blog tour, I was also hosted one day by BookHounds YA. They featured an article I wrote especially for them, in which I chat about some of the inspirations for my Archibald Lox series. I think it's an enlightening behind-the-scenes insight into where I was coming from with this series. Earthsea and Chrestomanci get a mention... works by Clive Barker and Neil Gaiman... and I also reveal some of the sources for Grop -- the sport I invented for the books -- and how a trip to the theatre one night made me start to worry that I could be accused of plagiarism!! CLICK HERE






    I shared lots of reviews over the last month (with more to come -- I've been doling them out carefully, not wanting to hit followers with too many too swiftly). Some were for the new Archibald Lox books, some were for the first book in the series, and some were for much older works of mine. Here we with a full roundup, splie into four different sections...


    First up, KELLY SMITH REVIEWS took on Book 5, Archibald Lox and the Slides of Bon Repell, and noted: "While I love this whole series, so far this book is my favorite for its ingenuity and depravity." To read the full, "depraved" review, click here: CLICK HERE


    Next there's a review for Book 4, Archibald Lox and the Forgotten Crypt, on RAJIV'S REVIEWS. Rajiv was of the opinion that this is "a beautiful start to the second set in the series," and who am I to disagree?!? A quick note -- at one point, Rajiv says "There is a dull moment in the story", where I think he meant to say "There is NEVER a dull moment in the story." :-) But, hey, I could be wrong -- CLICK HERE to read the full review, and decide for yourself!


    Next up, Mandy Southgate, who runs the Addicted To Media site, also chose Book 4, Archibald Lox and the Forgotten Crypt, for a special review that meant a lot to her, because as she notes in her summation: "Archibald Lox and the Forgotten Crypt is the 500th book I've read since I picked up a book about a boy wizard in 2005 and started reading fiction again. I wouldn't have wanted to celebrate this milestone with any other book and I give it an excellent four out of five stars." I'm so thrilled that Mandy wanted to celebrate her big milestone with one of my books -- and even more thrilled that it didn't disappoint! To check out the full Addicted To Media review, CLICK HERE


    Finally (for now!) Toni Higgs, who maintains the T. Higgs Reviews blog, posted a review for all three books in Volme 2. Her reviews are short and snappy, and free of any spoilers. She had to say this about book 6, Archibald Lox and the Rubicon Dictate: "I've really enjoyed how this has blended the familiar with the fantastical to craft a captivating world. I can't wait to see what the final volume has in store for us." It won't be TOO long a wait, Toni -- I promise! If you'd like to read more of Toni's reviews, CLICK HERE for Book 4, CLICK HERE for Book 5, and CLICK HERE for Book 6.






    Ahead of Book 4's publication (all of two long months ago!), I sent Archibald Lox and the Missing Princess, the collected omnibus edition of the first three books of the series, to a few of the big reviewing publications, hoping to get some positive feedback and sweet, juicy quotes that I could use to help promote book 1. Top of that list was Kirkus, whose reviews carry a lot of weight with a lot of readers (especially in the library and educational side of the business). They can be harsh critics at times -- I've limped away wincing from an especially stinging Kirkus review more than once in the past -- but Archie hit their sweet spot, and they summed it up thusly: "A brisk, entertaining tale that unfolds in a wonderfully bizarre world." You can bet THAT went straight onto the book's Amazon page!! :-) To read the full review CLICK HERE


    The, around Book 5's publication (in those long ago days of August!), as part of my blog tour I was hosted by two bloggers who were new to my Archibald Lox series, and who agreed to review Book 1, Archibald Lox and the Bridge Between Worlds. I'm always nervous when a blogger agres to review one of my books for a blog tour, as they're under no obligation to say nice things about it -- if they hate it, they're free to express that hate, which can make for a bit of a tour downer! So I was relieved and delighted that both of these reviewers enjoyed their tip into the Merge with Archie, Inez and co, and that they took the time to post their thoughts on the book to their followers. Many thanks, good bloggers!!!


    First up you can check out a review on Pages of Yellow's Instagram page, where the reviewer says "I absolutely loved it! I cant wait to read the rest. The worlds are so perfectly built, with loads of beautiful descriptions and gripping twists." You can read the full review by CLICKING HERE


    After that you can head over to the beautifully named More Books Please blog, where the reviewer enthuses: "This is quickly becoming one of my favorite series, and I hope there’s more to come!" Music to my ears!! And the good news is that yes, there's plenty more to come -- there will be nine books in total!! You can read the full review if you CLICK HERE


    And once you're done with those, here's an all-encapsulating review of all three books of the first volume in the series, from the blogger ThisDreamsAlive. There are a few small spoilers, but it neatly summarises the overall story arc of Volume 1, without giving TOO much away, and provides some very nice analysis, such as, "If you’re looking for a face-paced adventure that’s not too difficult to swallow then this is it!" If you haven't yet started the series, this will hopefully give you the confidence to begin, in the knowledge that you won't end up wasting your time on a long, boring, drag of a tale -- as if I could ever write such a thing!!!! :-) To read the fullreview CLICK HERE






    The so-called (by me!) summer of Shan didn't just see the release of three new Archibald Lox books -- it also saw the release of Volume 3 of the Cirque Du Freak manga omnibus. This collects Books 5 and 6 of the series, in one huge, glorious package, which stunningly concludes the Vampire Mountain-set segment of the Saga. (You can read more about it in last month's issue of my newsletter.)


    The third volume was reviewed recently on Catherine's Little Blog. She notes, during her review, that "the drawings are detailed and dynamic, making it a joy to look at," and I agree 100%. Takahiro Arai was a very young artist when he started to adapt the series into a manga, and although his story-telling style shone through from the very beginning (which was why I chose him over more established artists), I think he'd moved up several notches by the time he hit this part of the story, and the whole thing flows like an especially beautiful dream. For the full review, CLICK HERE






    I always appreciate it when fans of my books take the time to post a review for them online, and I'm full of admiration for those who choose to do so in a video. If you write a review, you have time to look back over what you've written and edit it, but once that camera starts rolling, you're on a slippery slope and there's no turning back!! I featured reviews from two such fans last month, who chose to focus on older works of mine...


    First up was a YouTuber with the user name of Sempai Amv, who's posted video reviews of the first three books in my Cirque Du Freak series. I think I linked to the first one a long time back, and here at last are the links for books 2 and 3. Given that the review for book 2, The Vampire's Assistant, came out last October, and the Tunnels of Blood review aired last December, I've no excuse really for not sharing these sooner. All I can say is that I was tied up with very important, Princely business in Vampire Mountain for the last several months. Ahem!!! :-) For the Book 2 review CLICK HERE, and for the Book 3 review CLICK HERE


    Another YouTuber, called Kritigri, decided to review the first two books of my Cirque Du Freak series, as well as Volume 1 of the manga omnibus edition. He did so under a banner on his YouTube page called Blurbal Reasonings. They're quite lengthy -- the review for each book is half an hour, while the review for the manga is over 20 minutes -- so not for those of you who want a swift, to-the-point review. But if you're in the mood for a longer, more leisurely review -- something along the lines of a podcast -- then these should hit the spot sweetly. For his Book 1 review CLICK HERE, for his Book 2 review CLICK HERE, and for his Manga review CLICK HERE





    A Cirque Du Freak fan decided to create an online quiz in which you can answer lots of questions to find out which character from my Cirque Du Freak books you most resemble. I've got to be honest -- I was initially intrigued, but found that there were far too many questions for my liking, and far too much text to wade through in question 3 if you were to do the quiz properly. So I bailed!!! But before I shared the link, I figured I'd better go back and see it through to the end, to check there was nothing overly naughty on there. And I did actually enjoy it more the second time round -- there are definitely some questions that just don't need to be there, but others made me smile. There are a few swear words, and some images that might make you cringe, but otherwise I give it a cautious thumbs up, Just don't spend too long on question 3!! :-) Oh, and for whatever it's worth, I ended up with... Mika Ver Leth?!?


    To take the quiz CLICK HERE


    Oh, and I found that incredibly cool drawing on Pinterest, by a fan called Tonne -- to see it in more detail CLICK HERE






    I was approached recently by a very polite podcaster in Iran, called Hamidreza Nikoofar, asking me to come on their podcast to talk about my books, which have been hugely popular there, dating back to the release of Cirque Du Freak many years ago. I was pleased to be asked, but had to decline, because, as I said in my reply, almost all of my books have been illegally released in Iran, without my permission, and I have never never paid anything for them. Only the first two Zom-B books were ever legally released there, with payments made to me by their publisher, but even with that series, the publisher has continued on past book 2, without paying me for books 3 onwards. (My agent is trying to get them to make good on the promise they made to pay me for the subsequent books in the series, so I'm hoping that situation can be resolved one day, but so far, no joy.)


    So, although I know I have lots and lots of fans in Iran, I cannot do anything to publicise my books there, as I would only be making more money for thieves who have stolen my work and profited from it for the last 20 years -- liars who have told the public that they have tried to do a deal with me (in some cases they've even pretended to have agreed terms with me), but who in reality have never responded to any of my requests to them to agree to sign a deal with me and pay me for my work. I don't blame the fans for any of that, but the fact remains that the Darren Shan publishers in Iran -- of my vampire books, and demon books, and any others that have been released there (except, as I said, for the first two Zom-B books) -- are liars and thieves, and I will never do anything to help line their pockets. I don't blame the Iranian fans for any of that, and I would never discourage them to buy the illegal publications -- I love that my work is reaching readers in Iran, and I think it's important for our cultures to be interacting in this kind of way -- but I won't do anything that would help the publishers sell even more of their pirated copies of my books.


    I don't think it's any great secret that Iranian publishers have illegally published loads of books, not just mine. There's not really anything we in other countries can do about it, so they just shrug and lie and carry on. I tried many time through my agents to get Iranian publishers to agree terms, partly of course to get paid, but also so that we could control the quality of the books, give the covers the OK, make sure they were carefully translated, etc. But apart from Vida (the company who agreed terms for the first two Zom-B books), the publishers have ignored our approaches and continued to publish my work illegally and make a lot of money from them, every last dinar of which they have kept for themselves.


    It's a shame, because my books have been released in loads of countries around the world, and I love celebrating the different releases on my site and telling my fans all about them, and interacting with the fans in those countries -- I've even visited lots of them on tour over the years. But apart from the first two Zom-B books, I haven't been able to do that with the Iranian editions, and it's meant I haven't been able to respond to fans as personally as I have in other countries -- for example, I'm not able to contribute to podcasts like this one, or be interviewed by Iranian journalists or bloggers. That hasn't soured me on Iran in general -- I've seen lots of Iranian films over the years (I've watched almost everything that Abbas Kiarostami directed), and hope to visit the country one day, as it's a place I'd love to explore. It's only Iranian publishers who make me grind my teeth in anger!! :-)


    Hamidreza was stunned to learn the truth about how I have been treated by the Iranian publishers, and spread the word on Twitter -- lots of fans replied to also express their outrage, and to apologise to me, though as I assured them, they had nothing to apologise for -- as I've already said, I bear my Iranian fans no ill feelings at all. The story was picked up and reported on the PS Arena site, and you can read that article (copy and paste the text into Google Translate for a pretty accurate translation) by CLICKING HERE


    I was very touched by Hamidreza's efforts to bring this to light in Iran. I doubt it will have any kind of impact on the publishers -- they have made an awful lot of money out of my books over the last twenty years, and I doubt they're going to suddenly feel remorse and look to agrre terms and make back payments to me -- but it's good that these things are brought to the attention of readers, so that they can call out the publishers and shame them publicly. And who knows, maybe one day the situation will be resolved, and I'll be able to embrace my Iranian fans just as I've embraced fans from dozens of other countries around the world, and proudly acknowledge my Iranian books in public and promote them.






    There are some "freaky" things afoot in the music world!! An artist called Junior Mesa released an EP last month, called...CIRQUE DU FREAK!!


    Unlike some other songs of recent(ish) times which have been inspired by and named after my work, I get the feeling that this is unconnected to my books -- as I've documented over the years, the phrase "Cirque Du Freak" has entered the public consciousness since I dropped it on an unsuspecting world back in January 2000, and sometimes people use it who not only aren't readers of my novels, but might never even have heard of them. I suspect that's the case here, though I could of course be wrong, and maybe Junior Mesa is actually a fan of Mr Crepsley and co, and knowingly used it as a tribute. As I say, I doubt it, but hey, I'll be glad if proven wrong!


    Anyway, whether the EP is connected to my books or not, I figured I'd flag it up for anyone who wants to have a listen. You can hear all five songs if you CLICK HERE


    This reminded me of the Cirque Du Freak "album" playlist that I put together on YouTube a while back, linking to eight songs by artists who definitely WERE riffing on my stories. If you haven't checked that out yet, you can tune in by CLICKING HERE



    IT'S A WRAP!


    And that's it for September. I hope those of you who pick up a copy of Archibald Lox and the Rubicon Dictate enjoy the conclusion to the Volume 2 story arc -- I was very pleased with how it turned out, and I think there's even better to come in Volume 3 next year. If you do enjoy the book as much as I did, it would be amazing if you could help spread the word by posting a short review on a site like Amazon or Goodreads, or chat about it in any book groups that you might be in (virtual or otherwise), or recommend Book 1 (the eBook is always FREE to download)  to a few of your friends directly. I'll see you all back here at the start of October, when for the first time in what seems an age, I won't have a new book on sale! But don't worry -- it won't be TOO long a wait until the next one!! Until then, all my bloody best, Darren Shan. x x x



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