Bookbabblers | 26 September 2012 | Pamela

What is more fearsome – the acts of humanity, or nightmares come true? This is a question I asked myself a few times over the course of this novel.


Zom-B opens like many other zombie novels and horror movies, with the public becoming the unsuspecting dinners of the walking dead. But the opening is where the similarities end. We are told the story in first person by B, a teen caught up in the zombie rumours that are haunting the news channels. B and friends think it is a hoax, nothing to worry about, not when there are more important things going on closer to home.


For B, there are the dreams that terrorise him, his dad who is influencing his life whether he likes it or not.


Zom-B is absolutely nothing like I thought it would be. There are jaw-dropping moments, gruesome scenes and unforgettable characters. It was a dark and twisted book that made me so uncomfortable I almost wanted to put it down a few times. Darren Shan wrote a note at the beginning of the book to ask the people who have finished it not to ruin the surprises for new readers. I believe the main body of the book to be a big surprise. And so I will finish this review by saying this: Zom-B will have you turning all the lights on, trusting no one and wondering what the heck that noise was outside.

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